Fundraising Guidelines

  1. Each registrant will be given an online fundraising page during registration. This is optional to use however we would be grateful for any extra funds that can be raised through your walk.
  2. All entries will be given the option to create a team or join an existing team when registering
  3. When creating a team via the registration form, an individual page will also be created for you (the registrant) and the page will automatically be joined to the team page once you complete the registration
  4. One free incentive shirt can be issued per individual fundraising page.
  5. If you are setting up a team, the team leader should register first and create the team fundraising page
  6. Funds raised are put towards Bears Of Hope’s Objectives.
  7. Fundraising closes at midnight October 31st
  8. Need help with your fundraising page? Let us know what you’re having trouble with by contacting and we will sort it out for you
  9. If you have cancelled/deleted your individual fundraising page and decided you would like to fundraise, our help desk can re–open it for you. Just email us at and we can get that sorted for you!

Make the most of your fundraising page:

  • Personalise your page – change the description, set your goal, and add your own image
  • Share your page with all your contacts via email and social media..
  • Include your fundraising page in your signature
  • Contact your employer to see if they will dollar match you
  • Thank each person publicly on social media (ie. Facebook) for their donation which may encourage others indirectly to donate, or simply give them a call or send an email of thanks.