Our virtual event Walk Your Way is back!

During the month of October, dedicate every step in honour of your own baby or a friend’s baby and help raise important funds in support of bereaved families. Team up with your family and friends to join you in your local area and help make a greater impact. You can log or sync your steps and distance on your page to show your efforts and achievements throughout the month.

With all families not being able to access physical events, Walk Your Way is a great way to get involved! We want to ensure every parent and family has the ability to be part of Choosing Hope! 

You might like to set yourself a goal. For example:

  • 3.5km per day/week, in honour of the babies lost through miscarriage every 3.5 minutes
  • 6000 steps per day OR 6km per week - for the 6 babies who are stillborn every day
  • 30km - for the 3 babies who die each day after birth and before their 1st birthday
  • 1km - for each week you were pregnant with your baby

However you choose to take part, we encourage you to help raise funds for and awareness of Bears Of Hope through this month. Your efforts will enable us to continue providing counselling sessions, wellbeing groups, online peer support groups, grief workshops, and support weekends as well as our bears of hope and support packages provided to families. 

Don't forget to keep up to date with any restrictions that are relevant to your local community.


Every day in Australia,

6 babies are stillborn
3 babies die after birth and before their 1st Birthday
A miscarriage occurs every 3.5 minutes

Online Tribute

By making a one-off donation at the point of registration by October 25th, we will also include the precious baby you are honouring in our online tribute, which will be shared on our Facebook page at the end of October.



  • Raise $300+ and receive a personalised Choosing Hope T-shirt and cap.
  • For every $100 you raise, a bear of hope will be donated in honour of your baby.


“I am grateful for these events where I can honour my baby and fundraising has given me a sense of purpose in helping to support other families.” - Choosing Hope Fundraiser

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